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Successful design solutions add value by transcending the expected. Clients hire us to solve their challenges through creative design solutions: a new building, an interior design scheme, or a master plan.


We believe design is the most important strategic asset in the whole project– it affects how people think, feel and act; it reinforces each organization’s or person’s unique positioning, values and brand, and; it expresses each client’s unique vision, values and priorities.

Modular’s strategic thinking helps connect them all with a bespoke design solution for each problem. This approach is applied to all of our projects, whether it be an office environment or a luxury villa. Achieving this requires a multi-disciplinary, collaborative attitude to be applied and that’s where we believe inventive and technical thinking begins on a project. This results in creating places where people want to be, not have to be.


We view our interior design work as a seamless extension of our architectural approach, to ensure that the best possible and humane environments are created. We consistently create spaces that reflect the essence of the organization, and for the people who work, live or play within those spaces. This begins with a respect and interest in simple, functional, and versatile design.


Special attention to light, texture, pattern and color dominate our design ethos, along with a desire to experiment and challenge the boundaries of what may have been done before. We consult and brain storm with our clients and create mood boards. This allows our team to employ a complete strategy that embraces all design elements including furniture, branding and wayfinding solutions.

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